Friday, September 2, 2011

brewer family

how did i get to lucky to do three photo shoots this week? on monday i took pictures for the Brewer Family. i also met shannon through MOPS. her and her husband, ken, have three beautiful, funny, smart, sweet girls. the girls ages are almost exactly the same as our first three. in fact raelyn and their middle child, kyndall were in the same preschool class together for a year.

i hope the pictures show how much this family loves each other. they were physically close to each other the whole time, i just loved it. they laughed like crazy, were silly and goofy, we even had a little bloody lip, they were having so much fun :) who said girls dont know how to rough house?
ellah is 3 about to turn 4 just like our brenna. i love this shot where she was just a little shy and felt secure velcroed to her daddy's leg.
these sisters are so sweet together and sure know how to have fun with one another.
love this one above! kyndall, sydney and ellah.

love this one of sydney and her daddy... hope this will be one she will treasure when she gets older.
miss kyndall is quite the ham. she made me laugh then entire time.
sydney is garrets age and in the third grade. she is a smart cookie and so sweet.

time to dance
sister piggies

shannon you are one beautiful momma. your smile radiates and seeps right out into your daughters smiles as well. Brewer Family, i loved photographing you all. you guys were so easy and so real and i loved my time with you guys.

this family will already receive a free 8x10 just for booking a session with me, but you can help them get ANOTHER one by leaving a comment. if they get more than 10 comments, they will can pick another 8x10 for free.


Jill said...

Beautiful family! Love the pictures Bonnie.

Courtney said...

Loved your comment about Shannon's smile overflowing to her daughters. So true. Love the pictures. So good!

Ruth said...

I love the pictures and my family.

Lori W said...

Beautiful....Shannon and her sweet family...on the inside and out

Anonymous said...

Great pics Bonnie! Shannon your family is so previous, loved the photo where they are just having fun! ~Marcie

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family and great pictures, treasured memories those pictures will be!
Love you guys, Tracy Trigg

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures. I love how natural the look.

Kendra said...

My brother and sister in law sure know how to love each other, naturally and genuinely, and its so evident here with their girls. Thank you for capturing what we all get to see so often! Beautiful work for a beautiful family. I love them!

aunt sandy said...

Love the pictures!!!Wonderful pictures of my nephew and his lovely family!

Malinda H said...

Awesome pics of an amazing!

Malinda H said...