Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kendal is ONE!

this pretty little lady is the one who started it all and now she has just celebrated her FIRST birthday. she was the first baby i photographed besides my own children after i got my new camera and fell in love with photography. maybe i fell in love with it so much because i had such a beautiful subject. if you want to see her new born photos click here.
kendal is an on the go kind of girl. she loves to be outside so it was tough to keep her down for long.
but look at how sweet she is when you get her to freeze for just a second. i just cant get over her beautiful hair and eye lashes. she is going to have hair to die for as she gets older.
so happy!
movin again
she loves her baby doll
here she thought i was so funny. i am not sure what got her laughing so hard but i just love her expression.

outfit change. these red doors were so fun.

exploring. she wants to see and touch and explore everything she comes across. i just love this age.
oh those eyes just melt me. if they melt you too, leave baby kendal a comment. 10 or more comments earns her a free 8X10. thanks for looking.