Monday, September 5, 2011

baby summer

meet summer. this sweet little thing is just 4 weeks old and as precious as can be. sure makes me miss having a newborn around. i just LOVE them.
summers momma, jessica, was our first babysitter besides family members. in fact garrets diaper was the first one she ever changed, and now she is changing her own little baby diapers. a few years ago jessica even rented our garage apartment. the kids loved having her come over and watch them and we enjoyed having her around too. seeing her now as a mommy, i have proud feelings :) she is doing such a great job taking care of and loving on little summer.
check out that all that pretty hair
i love baby yawns
maybe a little smile :)

chubby little legs already.. love them.

you are doing great jess. keep up the good work. we love ya! come by anytime so i can kiss that baby again.

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