Saturday, February 12, 2011

jody and emily

our good friends jody and emily decided to go on active duty with the military last march. they moved to beautiful Hawaii for a three year term. dave and i are already saving up frequent flyer miles to get over there to visit. jody is a military nurse and recently got word that he would be deployed to Iraq. since jodys family lives here in TN, they decided to make a quick trip back before he heads over seas. emily and i had gotten really close, so i am enjoying our time together very much.
i asked them if they would be interested in me taking some photos of jody in his dress uniform. they are always such great sports, i love photographing them. click here and here you can see our other photo shoots.

above: my favorite

and one last one of my beautiful friend. we are praying for you guys as you start on this new journey. we are praying for safety for jody and peace and strength for emily while he is gone. they have two great kiddos that i am sure will miss there daddy too, so we are praying that the kids can adjust as well. jodys return date is in September.