Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gibson Family

all i can say is wow! i had SO much fun taking pictures for the Gibson family. I met teresa through MOPS and over the last few years we have become great friends. she is now on the planning team with us at MOPS and is a great help there. when she asked me to take photos of her and her boys i was happy too, and then when she said they were bringing their old car with them i was SUPER happy. i love when families bring things that are important to them with them for a photo session, whether it is a favorite book or a fancy old car.
teresa and LT's boys are just the sweetest most handsome boys. they were so well behaved and did everything i asked them. they were troopers. it helped that they had a prize waiting for them if they did a good job :)

above: i just love this picture of teresa. she has the most beautiful smile, it lights up a room.
above: the boys love their daddy. the gibsons are such a great family.

when we were done taking photos of the family, LT asked me to take a few of just the car. the car was beautiful and i enjoyed taking photos of something i had never done before.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ada is One!

Do you remember sweet Ada Joy and her great family? You can see pictures from when she was just a few weeks old here. It is hard to believe she is now a big one year old. She is so full of personality and energy. I love her big open mouthed smiles and the awesome blue eyes. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

above... this is one of my all time favorite photos!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

the Baughman family

another wonderful family that have become our great friends. again i was honored to take their photos.
kendal is 22 months, ella is almost 6 months, and noah is 4. they are just the sweetest kiddos with the BEST smiles. we had an amazing day to take photos. the weather was just perfect.

kendal has the most amazing hair! i am jealous. i have been taking kendals pics since she was born.
ella is the blue eyed baby of the family. ella and jori are only about 9 weeks apart. it will be so fun to have them grow up together.
noah is such a handsome young man and did such a great job with pictures. he was a trooper.
chad and marcie also just celebrated their 7th anniversary. thanks again for asking me to do these.

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the Koppin Family

the koppins have become really great friends of ours. to read the whole story you can click here. i was honored when they asked me to take photos of their beautiful family.

mary elizabeth is 5 and ada is just turned 1.

brett and carrie just celebrated their 7th anniversary
i love this picture above. this is what ada does with pretty much everything that is in her hands. she picks it up and throws it over her shoulder. cracks me up.

beautiful blue eyes
gorgeous momma with her beautiful girls.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Caleb is One

remember this little guy and his great family?? well he is a big boy now and just turned one! the evenings are so nice here in east Tn right now so we took advantage of the beautiful sky and took some pictures for the Greers.

i found this awesome location where they were getting ready to auction off a ton of old farm equipment. perfect for pictures. the old famers might have thought we were a little crazy though.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

big boy zachary

zachary just celebrated his first birthday. what a handsome and inquisitive little guy he his. we was so interested in every thing that was going on while we were taking pictures, just soaking up all the sights and sounds.

sweet eye lashes.... notice the little leaf in his hands. this kept him busy for a long time.

i had to capture how he sits with his little feet crossed. i noticed it right away and asked momma if he does it at home and she said all the time. so cute.
looking grown up

playing toys

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

handsome brothers

i had the pleasure of photographing these two handsome brothers for a friend of mine just the other day. it was HOT outside but the boys were troopers. they did great and really do love each other.
playing trucks... i love little brothers sweaty little head. all boy!

playing bricks, talking about what they were building.
look mom, a square!
chubby cheeks and perfect eye lashes... how cute
this is the church they attend. it is beautiful and has great meaning for them as a family. glad i got to capture the boys at the steps.

kyle- i hope you like them. it sure was a fun time catching up a little and taking pics of the boys. they were so well behaved.

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