Wednesday, June 23, 2010

handsome brothers

i had the pleasure of photographing these two handsome brothers for a friend of mine just the other day. it was HOT outside but the boys were troopers. they did great and really do love each other.
playing trucks... i love little brothers sweaty little head. all boy!

playing bricks, talking about what they were building.
look mom, a square!
chubby cheeks and perfect eye lashes... how cute
this is the church they attend. it is beautiful and has great meaning for them as a family. glad i got to capture the boys at the steps.

kyle- i hope you like them. it sure was a fun time catching up a little and taking pics of the boys. they were so well behaved.

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sweet baby Ella

my good friend Marcie had her baby girl on May 14th. here is baby Ella in all her beauty at about 3 weeks old. oh my! how it makes me want to hold our little baby.

baby toes!
lovely lips!

look at all that beautiful hair. marcie, thanks for coming over to spend some time with me. i love you girls!