Sunday, August 28, 2011

grindstaff family

i had the pleasure of photographing my sweet friend april and all her boys this weekend. i met april through MOPS and since then we have become good friends. her oldest son goes to the same school as our kids, she is a preschool teacher at the preschool the girls went to last year, we have been in a bible study together, she started up a moms prayer group at Doak that i have enjoyed attending and this year brenna is going to be IN her preschool class. brenna is so excited to be with mrs. april. i told my hubby that i know that mrs april and brenna are going to have a good time together. mrs. april is going to love the stuffin right out of brenna :) prefect for when you are in 3 year old preschool!
chad works for Tusculum College so they wanted to grab some family photos all dressed up in their Tusculum clothes on the campus. it is such a beautiful campus. lots of great places to take pictures.
ethan and ryland... cute cute brothers.

ryland, the little brother, is so funny and would make the best faces. my goal is to capture personalities not just smiles...

when april saw this 2005 sign she wanted to get ethans pic in front of it. 2005 was the year that ethan was born. he is such a good big brother, always looking out for ryland. ethan was also a champ at getting his picture taken. he did everything i asked... he was a pro :)

brother toes
little ry ry

thank you april and chad. it was so enjoyable spending the morning with your family. hope you love your pictures.

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